Michael & Samantha

hoping to adopt...again.
​​We are looking for the right birthmom who is also looking for adoptive parents and an excited big brother to love her baby!  We have a current home study and the freedom to use that agency or not.  If you are a birthmother or know an expectant mother wanting to make an adoption plan we encourage you to explore our blog to get to know our family, and contact us! 

A Snap Shot of Us...

We are Michael, Samantha, and Rush.  A Missouri family of three praying to become a family of more!  Our blog posts will show you a more indepth picture of our family, so we want to use this page as a snap shot of each of us individually! 
Our goal is to unite with a birthmother who would like a closed adoption or simi-open adoption.  We are open to adopting a baby up to 18 months, and we would love to meet before an adoption plan is finalized.  
 Personality: original, easy going, provider.
 Interests: Jiu Jitsu, news junky, MMA (mixed martial arts) 
Ocupation: Fitness Center Owner, Jiu Jitsu coach
Michael's greatest accomplishment is turning his passion for jiu jitsu in to a family bussiness. 
Personality: Friendly, Kind, Loyal 
Interests: Fitness, landscaping, video editing
Occupation: Fitness Center Owner and Instructor, After School Program Teacher. 
Samantha was a classroom teacher for eleven years at a local Elementary and Middle school before opening her own afterschool program at the family gym.
As a Couple
Strengths: communication, forgivness, and humor
Married: eleven years
Children: five year old Rush (adopted 2012)
Family Ethnicity: Caucasian and Russian
Personality: kind hearted, sensitive, inteligent
Interests: Learning, Art, and loves doing Jiu Jitsu with Dad
Rush wants to be just like his Dad when he grows up and drive an ice cream truck!  He can't wait to have a little brother or sister to play with! 
Fun Facts
Because of our famly buisness we are both able to be "stay at home parents". 
We have a beloved family dog named Franklin. 
We enjoy watching "Little House on the Prairy" together.